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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It's been a looooong time. But, I am back. Happy to be back. :D This is Ame here with some new posts for ya, it's not a lot but! it's just a starter of what is in store for you all. Second Life... I'm home >.>

I will start by saying since I've been back I've been basically freebie hunting, dollarbie, ect :) Which we all love right? The less money you have to use, the better. So, here is a beautiful dress I got as a group gift at !Soul which have beautiful mesh clothes. Although the dress is free, the group entry fee is 5L (I'm pretty sure).

The Mesh clothes are absolutely amazing considering they make my avatar look that much more realistic. Another thing I happened to find that was a group gift were these lovely IKON eyes. IKON's group is free (Thank you) to join. :)

What I am wearing that isn't credited:
Hair - Truth
Shoes - [Group Gift from Gabriel]
Skin - LAQ
Friday, December 10, 2010

The Superficial


This outfit is one of my personal favorite places to shop. The prices aren't too high and the quality is nice. The main store closed, but you can visit the blog for all future updates:

Outfit: sw++ Fur Set in Autumn (350L)





Hair: [Anaphora] _Weston_Dark

Shirt: Delirium -Storm

Pants: < Discord- Kasuga Black Set
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

nov 9 freebie day ;P


Haha, I love this dress, it's cool to look at and the texturing is superbb. <3 I went ahead and picked up not only this dress but the packs of free hair as a gift from Sixty Nine. 300L join to their group was one of the best money decisions I made cause the hair is faabulouuus. :)

Dress - Miel 0L Subscribo
Hair - Sixty Nine Group Gift 0L (300L to join the group)
Friday, October 29, 2010

beautiful friday the 29th :)


I needed something to put up here >.> sooo I put on some stuff and took a pic. Some stuff I newly bought and some are old but awesome :)


Yayyy new truth hair, thank god for thursdays! :p

Jacket - Aoharu short rider's jacket
Hair - Truth Liv (Browns Pack) Cleo (New Color pack subscribo gift (removed?))
Shirt - Gazette Male T-shirt (Message me in world 'Ame Ireto' and I'll give to you) NU-M27 Designs (me) lol
Makeup - Cheap Makeup Liner + Lashes #3
Boots - Maitreya Soho Boots (Old group gift dunno if still there for L maybe?)
Jeans - Aoharu frayed skinny jeans dark blue
Eyes - Umedama Holic (Moist brown eyes) (frozen eye -end of summer-)
Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Kimono

The chill in the air and the cold winds bring along a wondrous change. Bright colors of the sunset befall the green leaves of summer and a burst of color covers the land. Fall, such a nice season. Fall colors of kimonos are the same as the colors of Autumn. Reds, oranges, browns, and fall patterns are all very pretty in the colder months. Momiji or Turning leaves motifs and patterns are best. Kiku or Chrysanthemums and Tachibana are motifs for kanzashi's and kimono's. ^.^

This kimono is very beautiful. It's from Milky called Mai Sansafa. The fall colors really jump out of this kimono. It is very graceful by the seaside at dusk. What do you think??

kimono~ Milkyhouse
Saturday, October 16, 2010



I saw some freebies the other day, and I happened to looking for those very things. Some hair and eyes. The clothes however, are old gifts that I (sadly) didn't even know I had XD The bag, I luuve. In RL I have a HUGE purse fetish so any bags I receive or find are a must have for me so free bags, let me at em. ;P

tres blah -tb- halloween bag (old gift)
pr!tty - outfit, & scarf (happy halloween :boxed:) (old gift?)
zero style - hair [belinda, all colors] (0L)
umedama holic - eyes (gemstone eye go4) (0L)